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Subject Proposed Changes to Ladder Rules for 2019 - Cambri
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Author Neil Goudie
Posted 14-Oct-18 11:36:00

I promised to post following our clubs Ladder Forum which we held last night to look at whether we need to change interpretational issues for our trophy's and how ladder rules are applied and whether they need changed.

There was a good attendance but I did note that it was about 80/20 split in terms of Turbo/pure glider owners so it was challenging to Chair as a gliding 'purist' and get everyone playing Devil's Advocate.

As one person noted though there was more 'light than fire' from the discussions so although there was a robust debate everyone understood why some of the rules were there and that there is an element of self validation, respect of a level playing field and an understanding that the ladder is there, for most pilots!, as a fun 'benchmarking' competition and not a true FAI competition system.

Clearly, anyone going for any trophy needs to respect the rules and accept that the referees' decision is final as you can't right a rule for everything.

In essence the group didn't favour changing any of the rules.

Although there is probably a need for more enforcement, through Stewards, on the current rules and a clarification by way of an article in our own Club News or S&G on some of the nuances the rules are pretty clear and allow the ladder to be used by all.

We noted that we would clarify, and enforce, the rules for our Club Trophy's and Records to ensure that some of the anomalies of posting on the Ladder don't compromise those. I won't bore you with the detail on how that comes about!

Some had taken the trouble to look at how other club's had interpreted rules so we noted the following issues:-

1. The 1% rule is rarely self-policed so club stewards need to at lot of flights this year where the cloud bases have been unusually high and the 1km per 10m of the 1000m rule has been broken. It is a significant penalty when applied correctly.

2. A number of pilots put in a post-flight non-BGA turning point into declared task. For example turning short of a declared turning point and creating a pilot-created TP. This was a note to the Steward to look at the actual declared IGC file to confirm that the TP was declared pre-flight not post flight. It was noted that this approach also allows a non-declared flight to score higher than a declared flight which was not-completed by others but again we decided a rule change was difficult to propose.

3. There is need to ensure that flights that have been terminated by turbo, Rule 10, is interpreted as the soaring flight has been completed and that only Club Tasks can be flown at that point, unless, a landing and re-declaration occurs. The logic is that you can only have 1 declared task per soaring flight and termination by: landing out engine start failure to reach a TP having already used a point of abandonment or pilot-selected termination point is consistent with the rules of competition albeit not consistent with the rules of badge flying.

That makes it equitable with pure gliders who land out and have the opportunity to re-declare on the ground.

Of course, you can tie yourself in knots trying to create a level playing field but the current rules, albeit a compromise between badge claiming, competition posting and fun flight recording was deemed as good as it gets...

...if Stewards apply and referee them!



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