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Subject Re: Proposed Changes to Ladder Rules for 2019 - Ca
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Author Mark Lawrence-Jones
Posted 16-Oct-18 18:00:00
  I agree with Neil that it was a constructive discussion which was worth having, and I made the comment that it generated more light than heat, which was great.

We didn't have time to go into the full intricacies of rule 10 though, so I though I'd have a short go here. We are in danger of banning all restarts.

The purpose of rule 10, which covers 'abandoned' or 'terminated' tasks, is to award points to uncompleted tasks. It does not prevent you from re-starting a declared task and claiming that instead.

Let's take an example. Suppose you declare a 102 km equilateral triangle, starting on the middle of one leg. The task is to start at the club, fly 17 km to TP1, 34 km to TP2, 34 km to TP3 and 17 km to finish at the club.

Now let's suppose you set off in a pure glider. You round TP1, but find your way to TP2 blocked by a shower. You return to the start area, soar locally while waiting for the shower to clear, and restart. I don't imagine that most pilots would have a problem with the second attempt being a declared flight.

However, if you want to read rule 10 as influencing the conduct of the flight, then you have terminated the flight, by first failing to reach TP2 (abandoned) then failing to reach TP3 (failure to reach a turnpoint having already used a point of abandonment). Now, according to the interpretation below, a restart would result in an undeclared flight.

Clearly that it contrary to standard practice of restarting, so rule 10 should not be read in the way suggested. Indeed, if the start line is near the launch point, then it not unusual to cross it multiple times while getting established after launch. This is why some have suggested a 10 km rule or some such, but I think there are problems with this too.

Another participant commented in the meeting that requiring a restarting pilot to land and relaunch first would be absurd, and I agree. Not only that, but I think it is dangerous. Encouraging pilots to land and launch in a hurry is asking for accidents to occur on the ground roll taxiing to the launch point or for pre-flight checks to be missed resulting in, for example, airbrakes-open-on-launch issues.

The suggested interpretation does not actually harmonise landouts, virtual or otherwise, with rated competition rules anyway (rightly, in my view) since in a comp a landout stops further competing for that day, but we are still allowing declared tasks to be claimed providing either they are club tasks or a relaunch is taken.

I would also like to see the harmonisation with badge-flying preserved. You can of course restart as many times as you like before a Diamond goal task, with or without starting a turbo - all that matters is the required soaring performance itself is not interrupted by the use of a 'method of propulsion'. Before the start or after the finish you can do what you like. It would be a pity if a valid Diamond goal could not also qualify for a declared Ladder flight.

Safe fun flying to all,

## On 14-Oct-18 11:36:00 Neil Goudie wrote:

3. There is need to ensure that flights that have been terminated by turbo, Rule 10, is interpreted as the soaring flight has been completed and that only Club Tasks can be flown at that point, unless, a landing and re-declaration occurs. The logic is that you can only have 1 declared task per soaring flight and termination by: landing out engine start failure to reach a TP having already used a point of abandonment or pilot-selected termination point is consistent with the rules of competition albeit not consistent with the rules of badge flying.


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