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Subject Re: New web site comments
Thread Number 3 of 8 in thread
Author Tom Arscott
Posted 09-Jan-19 17:52:00
  Good to see that the ladder is finally moving getting updated, and I like some of the new features. However, the scaling doesn't work properly on mobile phones, making it hard to read posts without dragging the screen around all over the place. At least with the old website you could zoom to fit it all to the page. Feels like it's not quite ready for release yet.

**On 09 Jan 19 16:01 Chris Fox wrote:**

The Daily Scores page is pretty busy already - you might have noticed that the number of columns displayed changes depending on your screen size. And you can of course see where the action happend on a day by clicking on the date to get a map of all flights on that day.

What do others think?

**On 09 Jan 19 16:01 Adrian Loening wrote:**

Hi All. I like the new web site, congratulations for setting this up. Much better graphics and being able to post some in flight photos is great. Only thing I would like is a column with the club name on the daily scores page - that way you can see at a glance where it was all happening.


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