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Subject Re: delete flight & URL for individual flights
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Author Chris Fox
Posted 09-Jan-19 18:40:00
  Hi Colin,

From tomorrow there will be a 'Copy Link' function available on the Flight Details display.

I'm afraid it doesn't work (yet) in all browsers - in particular, I know it doesn't work on iDevices - but I'll continue to work on that.

Constructive feedback appreciated....

**On 09 Jan 19 14:01 Colin Hamilton wrote:**

Hi Chris.
I like the refreshed look of the ladder. Well done.
A couple of questions.
1. Is there a "delete flight" button so that a flight could be removed by the pilot if an error is spotted subsequent to posting?
2. Is there a way that the URL of an individual flight could be captured so as to share the link to that flight with others?



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