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Subject Re: Club Tasks problems...
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Author Chris Fox
Posted 10-Jan-19 10:11:00
  Hi all,

I think the new 'LoadIGC' button is causing some confusion.

If you have declared a task to your Logger, then flown that Task, this provides a short cut way to fill in the Calculator fields

**But** - if you've already filled in the task - perhaps by loading a Club Task - doing this will **overwrite** the Calculator fields.

So, for Club Tasks, you **don't** use the LoadIGC button. Instead,

- select your Club Task from the My info page
- The Calculator will be populated with the Turnpoints and the ‘declared’ option turned on
- Click the ‘TP Reached’ buttons for the TPs you reached
- Fill in the remaining details (Date of Flight, Glider type if not already set, Task Time etc)
- Click ‘Calculate’

You should get a display with the Points for the flight and a ‘Submit’ button. At this point you can adjust details and reclick Calculate if you wish

Click ‘Submit’ and a Dialog will appear asking for Glider Reg, Comment etc. If you click on the ‘Logger File’ option, you’ll be asked to select your logger file for upload at that point.

**On 10 Jan 19 08:01 Chris Fox wrote:**

Hi All,

I'm aware that there were some problems with loading Club tasks into the Calculator.

I've made some changes and I **believe** the problem is fixed. Please let me know if it isn't!


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