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Subject Re: CSV export of club flights
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Author Chris Fox
Posted 10-Feb-19 20:05:00
  Hi Lauri,

Once the file has been generated you should be able to access it without further authentication using a link like the one below.

Neil has been in touch - Iím sure youíll have Steward access soon ??

**On 10 Feb 19 18:02 Lauri Pesonen wrote:**

Thanks, Chris!

Is there a way to get programmatic access to it? In the past, the CSV file could be downloaded without authentication. Now it seems we need both the user's credentials and then the club steward's credentials as well (I haven't been able to test this since I don't have the steward's credentials for my club).


**On 09 Feb 19 12:02 Chris Fox wrote:**

No, it's still there...

The file is generated from within the Steward pages - updateScores then select 'DownLoad as CSV at top right (you might have to scroll sideways to see it)

Note that this can only be done by a Club Steward.

Once done however, the generated file is available at - so, for Cambridge,

Hope that helps...


**On 09 Feb 19 11:02 Chris Fox wrote:**

Hmmm... does seem to be missing.

Let me investigate and get back to you


**On 09 Feb 19 11:02 Lauri Pesonen wrote:**


Great work on the new ladder site!

The old site allowed us to export all flights for our club for a given season as a CSV file. This allowed us to generated stats and work out trophy winners. Does this facility exist on the new site? Is the data available via some other facility? The URL for the old site was{club}{year}.csv (eg for Cambridge Gliding Club, 2018 season).



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